Ultra Slim

Non Invasive Face-Lift

Our non invasive face-lift involves six or more treatment sessions for the face and neck. This is done to optimize the collagen and elastin in order to achieve the most youthful appearance. Treatment is continued until no further improvements are seen. For best results, monthly skin rejuvenation treatments are required to maintain these improvements.

Skin Rejuvenation

We offer monthly skin rejuvenation treatments to help you maintain your youthful appearance following a noninvasive face-lift.

UltraSlim WaistBuster

You get four eight-minute treatments during one visit for the waist, hips, and thighs. You are guaranteed to lose at least 2″ — this is a one-time special for new clients only.

UltraSlim ThighBlaster

Upgrade your UltraSlim WaistBuster or UltraSlim 2″ Special with two thigh treatments (front and back).

UltraSlim Full Body

This involves six treatments during one visit. You get four eight-minute exposures for the hips, waist, and thighs and an additional two exposures, which can be applied to any area except the face or neck. You are guaranteed to lose at least two inches.

UltraSlim Single Area

Receive one eight-minute treatment to any area other than your neck or face.

Mommy Makeover

This option features 12 full body treatments.


Get cellulite treatment for up to six zones, including the front and back of your abdomen, right thigh, and left thigh.


This is custom work for clients who have dysmorphic fat accumulations due to liposuction or other procedures that are used to destroy or remove fat cells. This service is usually performed over a period of months with dramatic improvements.

Breast Reduction for Gentlemen

Reduce the volume of fat and tighten your skin without surgery. We guarantee a visible improvement, which is typically one inch or more off of your nipple-line measurement. This can take anywhere from four to ten visits.

Breast Reduction for Ladies

Effectively decrease the fat and tighten your skin without having to undergo surgery. A typical reduction is one to two cup sizes. Results are guaranteed, whether it takes four or ten visits.